Reflexology is not a beauty therapy or a foot massage.  It is a clinical treatment with proven results that works throughout the whole body.

Reflexology is based on the principles of zone and pressure therapy and the idea that the hands and feet are connected systematically to the vital organs and glands of the body. Today reflexology is considered a complementary therapy, one that is proven to work exceptionally well, independently and alongside conventional medicine. Reflexologists today do not diagnose or prescribe, nor do they claim it to be a miracle cure. 

As a practitioner, over the years I have had some amazing results from my clients that have proven reflexology to be a powerful healing aid with increasing health producing benefits.   

Using reflexology helps to rebalance your entre physical system, increasing the efficiency of all the body’s organs and cells. It builds up the immune system, improving blood flow and clearing toxins creating greater balance throughout the body’s systems. It can also simply be used as an aid to relaxation or relief of stress and anxiety. 

What should you expect from a Reflexology treatment?  –  you will stay fully clothed (apart from your socks, of course).  It helps to wear loose and comfortable clothing to aid a more comfortable and relaxed experience.  At the beginning of a session, a consultation form is provided for clients to complete. Your feet are then washed; talcum powder is used to make your feet feel extra special, then you relax while you have your treatment.  At the end of the session, cooling peppermint foot oil is massaged into feet. 

It is generally recommended to initially have 4-6 weekly treatments. Some treatments, for example children or chronically ill clients, would have more frequent yet shorter treatments. Treatment will always be customized to suit the clients’ needs.

  • 50 minute session - 45 Eur