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Myo-fascia release?

The fascia of the body is the tough connective tissue that holds our physical tissues together.  In layman’s terms, if you eat meat, the fascia is the tough white membrane that surrounds the juicy bits you are trying to get at. Fascia has been described as a 3-dimensional body stocking that envelopes each and every structure of the body.

In a normal, hydrated, healthy state, fascia has the ability to stretch and move without restriction. However it is very common to develop fascial restrictions due to factors such as: postural imbalances, accidents, surgeries, emotional trauma, stress, repetitive strain issues, and tension.

Because fascia is entirely continuous throughout the body a restriction in one part will affect every other part. All body parts are interconnected by the fascial system. Our organs are surrounded and held in place by fascia, and injuries to the muscular system will cause fascia to tighten and dehydrate. It is often restrictions in the fascia that give rise to organ dysfunction or other muscular-skeletal pain syndromes and imbalances. 

Where other traditional massage approaches often do not impact on fascia aspect of physiology, Myo – fascia release  techniques ,when combined with other techniques from advanced clinical massage create one of the most powerful clinical soft tissue treatments available today for realigning and balancing the structures of the body with very deep healing and relaxation. The overall intention of MFR is to relieve pain, resolve postural dysfunction, restore function, mobility and release emotional tensions in a safe way, leaving the body in optimal alignment for increasing the range of motion.

  • 55 minutes - 50 Eur

  • 75 minutes - 60 Eur

  • 90 minutes - 70 Eur