Inside ‘The Art of Unwinding’


the art of unwinding

Aoife is thrilled to be able to offer her new book ‘The Art of Unwinding’ which will soon be available on


a valuable resource for massage therapists and bodyworkers.

Aoife has condensed her extensive knowledge of various massage therapies and myo-fascia release into this handy resource for anyone wanting to heal their own injuries or pain, or for other healthcare professionals looking to expand their knowledge base. The book moves through different areas of the body, particular pain patterns we might experience, and then advises on strengthening and stretching movements and exercises that may help to relieve pain and recover mobility.


accessible easy to use knowledge for health and well being

‘The Art of Unwinding’ is designed for both healthcare professionals, and for individuals that may be working with pain or injury recovery. Easy to use, designed and organised for all readers, ‘The Art of Unwinding’ can help you to relieve your own pain with simple exercises and movements.