Indian Head Massage (Champissage)

Indian Head Massage is a wonderful stress buster… 

Both rejuvenating and deeply relaxing, Indian Head Massage is a health promoting massage that stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage throughout your entire physical system whilst  simultaneously balancing your top three chakras (throat, third-eye and crown).  

Just sit back comfortably in a chair (either fully or partially clothed) and let this amazing massage work its magic.  This treatment is, undoubtedly, the perfect pick-me-up therapy if you have a busy lifestyle and want to experience some precious `me time’.

Indian Head Massage is a particularly good choice for office workers who are stressed, busy or short of time (or maybe all three).  Use this treatment as an employee bonus at your Christmas party.  Not only is it a great incentive for office employees, making them feel special and valued, but it can also help increase work output and productivity throughout the year!

25 minutes - 30 Eur