Aromatherapy Massage

This treatment uses high quality aromatic oils blended specifically for your needs at the time of consultation to aid your body’s natural balance  with a wonderful alchemy of deeply relaxing massage and essential healing oils. 

From our first consultation I will be able to select which combination of essential oils will most benefit you at this time. Then the essential oils are blended with a luxurious carrier oil to suit your skin type to create a delicious bespoke mixture applied skillfully for your skin to absorb.

Aromatherapy massage benefits from two absorption points – through the skin and through the nose.  Research shows there are incredible benefits for the mind and body by stimulating the respiratory system this way.

When your massage begins, the oils start working immediately. They are absorbed by your skin and taken deeply into your system, loosening your muscles and helping to release any suppressed tensions that you have. The essences evaporate, and you inhale them to experience a wonderful aromatic sense created especially for you on the day of your treatment. Your respiratory system sends messages directly to your brain that encourages your mind and body to relax together, sending you into a state of total relaxation throughout your entire system emotionally and physically.

An impressive stress buster, aromatherapy massage is certain to give you the experience you need if your choice is to relax and unwind using a method that stimulates your senses to feel better, boosts your body’s immune system and re-vitalizes  your mind for greater calm and clarity.

55 minutes - 50 Eur

75 minutes - 60 Eur

90 minutes - 70 Eur