Just a few testimonials received over the years.......
I have suffered with lower back pain for several years since I slipped a disc in my back.  Initially I was treated by physiotherapy for several weeks and then referred to a chiropractor whom I saw on a regular monthly basis for many years.  Although therapy kept me moving I still had to rely on taking painkiller medication on a daily basis.  I changed to two different therapists in the hope of better treatment still without success.   I did not continue any treatment when I initially moved here and relied more and more on painkiller medication.  My condition escalated and I had problems getting out of bed in the morning  and was in constant pain.  I was recommended to Aoife by a friend who praised her expertise.  After just ONE treatment session with Aoife I was able to move freely which was quite an achievement.  I initially had a treatment session with Aoife once a week for a few weeks and my progress went from strength to strength.  I now have a treatment session every 4-5 weeks and can honestly say I am now pain free, walk tall and painkiller medication is now a rarity.  Aoife gets my highest recommendation and her range of skills is incredibly varied and diverse. Aoife is always looking to improve her range of skills and this you can see by the amount of certificated qualifications she has mounted on her treatment room walls.  This testimonial comes with my personal thanks to Aoife for so vastly improving my quality of life. What sets Aoife apart is her whole hearted commitment to providing a brilliant massage tailored to address your individual needs. Whether it is a relaxing massage, or looking to iron out your aches and pains, she uses the many skills she has acquired through the   years to make you feel so much better. Just go, you won’t be disappointed  Aoife has been a Godsend! I have been going through a difficult time post mastectomy and Aoife has shown such care and sensitivity. She put together a treatment plan for me which really impressed me as I think I was her first mastectomy lady! She knows exactly where to target and the relief is almost instant. I have had many different issues to be dealt with but no matter what  I present Aoife with, she deals with it with ease. I am still seeing my consultant regularly and he has been very complimentary about   the results of the treatment that Aoife has given me. He was especially impressed by the fact that she had waited to treat a     particular problem until after I had sought his approval. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Aoife. Put yourself in her  healing hands.  I would recommend Aoife to anyone. She is very professional and has a wide range of skills which she tailors to suit individuals.  Unfortunately as a lot of us become older we suffer from various problems, skeletal or muscular with arthritis as a ‘baddie’ thrown in for good measure.   Some of these problems are not going to be able to be cured..……….but with the help of the magic fingers of  Aoife most problems can be managed.   In the past I have had physio and osteopathy, but have really benefited from the massage regime conjured up by Aoife.  She is a very experienced and caring masseuse and I can thoroughly recommend her.  Truly a gifted lady

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